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Welcome to My Lagom Store

I'm so excited to have you here to check out the amazing products which align with the brand values of connection, authenticity, beauty, health, sustainability, knowledge and creativity. 

Starting humbly, there’s lots more to come so watch this space ... 

I hope you love what I've put together as much as I have loved curating these pieces for you. And I can't wait to show you more. 

You can get in touch with me via email at hello@mylagomstore.com or DM me over on IG here. 

To read more about the story behind the brand. Check out the About page. 

Megan x

Ceramic Workshops



Lagom is a Swedish word which can be translated as doing just enough of that which is necessary, or what you truly love in order to free you up to get the most out of life. It can be applied to all aspects of life including spending, relationships, the environment and more. 

My Lagom Store, based in Perth (Tuart Hill), Australia, was created out of a desire to have a go to store where everything is beautiful, serves a purpose, is sustainably and ethically made, and of the highest quality, all in one place. Making shopping easier for the conscious buyer and bringing the joy back to finding a unique piece for you or a loved one. Here, the belief is to buy once and buy well. 

The Store focuses on handcrafted and locally designed goods, weaving individuality, depth and human connection into each piece. Homewares, lifestyle, children's goods and gifts are carefully curated by founder Megan Glass, who also designs and creates Meg Ceramics. 

Starting humbly, with exciting new brands and collections to come ... Watch this space.

Click below to read more about the story behind the brand, the founder and the brand values. 

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Looking for a thoughtful gift for your loved one but unsure what to get? A gift card to the store allows them to choose the perfect item for themselves. Various amounts available.


MEG Ceramics Collection



Lagom goes hand in hand with sustainability. By surrounding ourselves with items we treasure and use often we can then naturally let go of excess.

It is also about treading lightly, using only what you need and leaving things as you found them for the next to come along and enjoy. 

Lending itself to the use of naturals materials which are not only better for the planet but also those using the products. 

Feel good about shopping with us

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