My Lagom Store

An online store based in Perth, Australia, My Lagom Store is here to help you find beautiful, high quality and functional goods which hero local, sustainable and ethical practices so that you can live a life more lagom, balanced, content and rich. 

Lagom is a Swedish word which simply translates as doing just enough of that which is necessary in order to free you up to get the most out of life. As a lifestyle, it can be applied everything including spending, work, the health of the environment, community and oneself. 

Let's be honest, we all need (and want) to purchase homewares, gifts, children's goods and other lifestyle products. With a less is more approach, lagom inspires you to buy only that which you truly need or love. At My Lagom Store we make it easy to find these high quality products in one space, allowing you to make a guilt free purchase.  


The Founder, Megan Glass

Hi, I’m Megan. I’ve long dreamt of opening a shop and ever since having my babe Ernie last year I’m finally getting my act together.

I’m actually a qualified physio and pilates instructor. I love the human body and am fascinated by how it works, self improvement in all aspects of mind and body, and the miracle that we are, especially after giving birth!

A few years back I experienced extreme burnout, ironically from working in the health industry. Throughout the very slow healing process I was forced to really assess what I wanted in life. This led me back to pottery. I love pottery and always have. There’s nothing quite like getting your hands dirty, focusing on one thing, working slowly, intentionally and having something to show for it!

On top of pottery and a gradual return to exercise, I worked with a nutritional therapist. I started to evaluate everything that went into and on my body to make sure it was the healthiest choice. (Note, I’m not perfect, but always trying). Meditation was also key here.

Around this time I stumbled across a few books on Lagom (Lah-gom), the Swedish word which translates as doing just enough of that which is necessary or what you truly love, getting rid of the excess and freeing you up to get the most out of life. It can be applied to all aspects of life including your own health, your community, the environment, spending, work and more. This leads towards a sustainable, authentic and meaningful lifestyle, which really resonated with me.

More recently an experience with postnatal anxiety drew me back again to a more lagom lifestyle and it's a motto I try to live my life by in order to get the most out of life!

Fun fact, I also grew up on Christmas Island. A unique and stunning place where as a child we would do beach clean ups after storms, rubbish washing in from Indonesia. This too led me towards a more sustainable way of living.

All of the research I have done on my journey to optimal health and a full life, I want to share with you. I want to help YOU build a life YOU love and make the process of finding the best products to do this easy for you!

And so, My Lagom Store was born! The shop stocks homewares, baby, lifestyle products and gifts which are sustainably and ethically produced, well designed, organic, local, handmade, practical, high quality, and last but absolutely not least, beautiful, sowing the seeds to your contentment. 

Megan x 


Brand Values 

  • CONNECTION - Because life feels meaningless without it. Connection to you beautiful people!, to ourselves, family and friends, our community, the earth. 

  • AUTHENTICITY - Because life feels off kilter when we are not our authentic selves. Unless we know who we are and what we need it is difficult to know how to find contentment and this is reflected onto those around us. 

  • BEAUTY - It may sound superficial, but what is life without beauty? Whether that’s in nature, the spaces you live in, the people around you. We’re wired to be drawn to beautiful things. 

  • HEALTH - This is an obvious one with my background in physio, but without optimal health (and I mean feeling alive! Not just alright) we can’t live our lives to the fullest and offer those around us the best version of ourselves.

  • SUSTAINABILITY - This is a big one and can go a few ways. The first is living in a way that does not burn us out, ie living in a way we can sustain long term. And secondly but no less important, environment sustainability. We want to tread as lightly as we can on this precious planet. 

  • KNOWLEDGE - It’s important to be educated. We are in charge of our own lives and are responsible for our own health and wellbeing. It’s always nice to have to a helping hand but ultimately it’s up to us. 

  • SPACE (Time, freedom, rest)  - It’s important to reconnect to ourselves, allow things to be processed, find gratitude and figure out what we want. From there we can be be our best selves and contribute to the community around us. 

  • SELF IMPROVEMENT - Nobody is perfect. We’re all human. And we’re all learning. Stop learning and you stop living. 

  • Finally, CREATIVITY- I believe It’s also super important to play, get creative and in a flow, and have some fun. What is life without some laughter and fun!?


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