Activated Deodorant

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The Elia creators were inspired to create a genuinely all natural deodorant, unable to find an effective and truly natural product already on the market. Sick of seeing products which claimed to be natural but weren't they started hand making their own. What came from their dream was the Elia balms and blends range. Giving confidence to you, the conscious and health aware shopper, this deodorant leaves you smelling seriously fresh after your bathing routine and feeling lighter knowing that you're being kind to the planet and your body. 

The activated deodorant takes the pure blend to another level, providing your active self the superior protection you need and covering you all day. 

A grounding and earthy scent. 

Features and benefits:

  • 100% natural ingredients (no aluminium, parabens or other nasties)

  • Activated charcoal neutralises odours and pulls toxins from the body, (opposite to their synthetic alternatives)

  • Lightly scented with Essential oils with a grounding and earthy scent which fight bacteria and protect your skin (no sneaky synthetic fragrances)

  • Organic arrowroot and bentonite clay absorb moisture and allow for velvety smooth application

  • Shea butter and Vitamin E condition and soften the skin

  • Sodium bicarbonate naturally fights odour causing bacteria, leaving you smelling fresh

  • Dries almost instantly and leaving NO marks on your clothes

  • Recyclable container

  • Perfect size for travel and bags

  • Popular with men as well as women

  • Handmade in WA

  • Tested on friendly humans


Using the custom spatula (sold separately) or your fingers scoop then rub in a pea sized amount into your skin until well absorbed.


In winter, the deodorant may be a little firmer. No problem! Just warm it up with your hands. It also softens quickly once applied to the skin. 

Full ingredient list:

Shea butter*, coconut oil*, arrowroot*, sodium bicarbonate, bentonite clay, magnesium oil, zinc ricinoleate, candelilla wax, vitamin E oil, activated charcoal. Essential oils of:  bergamot*, tea tree*, lavender*, cypress, juniper*, cedarwood*, peppermint*, litsea, patchouli, lemon myrtle, frankincense*. (Certified organic ingredients*)

Please note:

Whilst most natural products are low irritability, I recommend a 24 hour patch test on a small area of skin with any new product before using.