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For those who love tradition and the snug and close feeling a wrap carry gives you. A simplified take on a traditional Baby Carrier design, ergonomically shaped, providing optimum support and security for baby and carer. Perfectly lightweight, these carriers are the ultimate accessory for family adventures. School runs, errands and walks on the beach are a breeze. 

Features and Benefits:

      • Usable from Birth    

      • Baby weight 3.2 kg - 18 kgs 

      • Grows with your baby well into toddlerhood

      • Lightweight and breathable natural fabrics. Linen - gets stronger and softer with every wash. And Allo - even stronger than Linen

      • 6 Carry positions - Newborn froggy legs in (Birth to 6 weeks), Small baby legs out (Birth to 6-9 months), Front inward facing (4 months +), Hip carry (4 months +) Back carry (6+ months), Front outward facing (6+ months, Please check instructions before using this carry) 

      • Ethically and sustainably made and sourced materials. Providing empowering opportunities for small communities, especially the Nepali Women

      • Timeless, natural and light colours

      • A simplified Baby Carrier design, ergonomically shaped, providing optimum support and security for baby and carer - Comfy on your back for long wearing

        • Grows with your baby.  Tall body panel means your carrier grows as your baby grows. For smaller babies or newborns simply fold the waistband to shorten the body. Permanent elastic cinch at waist to adjust the seat width as needed for smaller babies and to forward face your baby


        • Wide shoulder straps provide optimal neck & shoulder comfort. Straps cross in an "X" across your back to help evenly distribute the weight of your baby promoting better posture for you


        • Long straps mean it fits multiple wearers

        • Buckles at the waist for total simplicity

        • Quick and easy to put on by yourself

        • Wide padded waistband provides superior comfort for longer wearing to help evenly distribute weight

        • Permanent hood included to support baby's head while sleeping; sun, wind or rain protection while out and about; and extra privacy while feeding


      • Discreetly breastfeed on the go with a simple adjustment of the straps



I understand buying a carrier is a big decision, and if you would like further information prior to purchasing don't hesitate to email Megan at If you are based in Perth, a fitting can also be arranged. 

Detailed instructions do come with the carrier. 



Machine Washable (Even the white fabric comes out looking good as new!). Fast drying. 

Teething pads are available (for purchase separately) - Throw these in the wash when needed saving you from washing the whole carrier. 

Once your baby wearing days have come to an end, it is encouraged to pass on your carrier or even resell. Made with such hard wearing materials the carrier is made to last. 


-Hip Healthy product as acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute 

-12 month Warranty on all carriers.



Baby Carriers or Slings have been a parenting tool used for more than 50,000 years. Traditionally a necessity for nomadic peoples for whom carrying their babies in arms all day was not sustainable. And ever more relevant now with less support around women than even, free hands are a must. 

Carriers allow you to respect the natural nurturing instinct of keeping your baby close.