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Moccasins - Ink

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These stylish yet hardwearing shoes are the perfect children's first shoe. Soft soled, they can be worn from day dot. Great for developing feet which love contact with the ground to learn and grow but provide a ridiculously cute yet protective barrier. They also have a great amount of toe room so no squished little toes. 

Toastie Toots baby shoes are unisex and all handmade in Western Australia from 100% genuine quality leather/suede. 

These Moccasins have elasticated ankles, making them easy to slip on and take off and ensuring the perfect, secure fit. The soft leather soles make them ideal for indoor and light, dry outdoor wear.

Colour: Ink / Ink suede sole. 

Each pair of moccasins is unique [as is each leather hide], there may be slight texture and colour variations.

9.5cm* (0-3m)
10.5cm* (3-6m)
12cm* (6-12m)
13cm* (12-18m)
16cm* (2-2.5y)
17.5cm* (2.5-3y)

*These are 'actual' shoe sole measurements so please measure from tip of big toe to heel, then add 0.5 to 1.0cm for growth.

Leather Care:

It is recommended to spot cleaning with a damp (not wet) or dry cloth. If soiling does occur clean immediately.