Stay Hungry

The Phoebe Cardigan

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Stay Hungry is a small design studio based in Melbourne playing with old crafts and natural fibres. Vy, the designer and maker, currently makes knitwear to warm the body and feed the soul. Her handmade knits are a piece of art unto themselves. Truly one of a kind, these pieces are the answer to buying once and buying well. Adding colour, warmth and texture to your wardrobe, no two pieces are the same. 

Luscious natural fibres are used to create Vy's knits. Soft against the skin, her forms are flattering for every body. The definition of a chunky knit done well. Perfect for a summers eve by the sea. 



Made using 100% South American highland wool.

Renewable, high quality and ethically sourced from Peru.



Each piece usually fits 6-10, however given they are made to order, all sizes can be catered for. Simply write a note in the delivery instructions and I will respond to confirm. 



As wool is a natural fibre it is best to not wash frequently and DO NOT dry clean as the process can damage the fibres.

If washing is required:

Place garment in basin with cool water and mild wool detergent. Swirl garment gently and leave to soak for up to 30 minutes.

Drain basin while gently pressing down on the garment to remove excess water.

Do not wring or twist the garment as this can distort the shape.

Next, lay garment flat on a large dry towel to dry. You can choose to roll up garment in the towel while pressing down gently to remove some excess water, taking care to not use too much pressure.

Unroll and leave knitted garment to dry laying flat on the towel. Do not hang garment up to dry.

Some pilling will occur as this is a natural process in wool and is not considered a defect.


Delivery time:

Each piece is made to order so takes about two weeks to make, plus delivery.